Video: Selena Gomez Dances To Taylor Swift’s Dubstep Song: Half Assed Birthday Gift, Or Best Thing She’s Ever Done?

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As you may know, it's Taylor Swift‘s 23rd birthday today. And while she may not be hanging out with her slutty high school friends anymore, she's bound to receive tons of nice, chaste presents from her newer, better, famous-er friends. Friends like Selena Gomez.

For this occasion, fan/colleague Selena Gomez got together with her friends and made a Youtube video of themselves dancing to TaySwift's edgy dubstep hit “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Or rather, part of a Youtube video. Let's not get too crazy.

Despite having an official “choreographer,” I can't help thinking this video looks messy and thrown together, like something any teenage Taylor Swift fan would make. Is it really good enough to serve as something pop royalty can use to show respect for slightly older pop royalty? It's almost like Selena Gomez thinks Taylor should be happy just to see her “goofing around” to her music in any old way whatsoever. Next up: Selena Gomez takes a crap to “You Belong With Me.”

On the other hand: this video is actually quite a bit more lively than Selena's more official performances (which can be stiff); she laughs, moves her hips, and even sings! Two out of two “top commenters” on Youtube agree:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 12.19.15 PM

So maybe this is not, in fact, a half assed birthday gift, but the single best thing Selena Gomez has ever created. What do you think?

(Via Idolator)