Selena Gomez Just Passed Taylor Swift In Instagram Followers, How Long Before She Deletes?

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Selena Gomez Just Passed Taylor Swift in Instagram Followers  How Long Before She Deletes  Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Grammys red carpet 2016 jpg

I suggest you play Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” on a loop while you read this post (or just once depending on your reading speed — take your time), because that is quite possibly what exists for her and Selena Gomez now that Selena has passed her in Instagram followers to become number one. As of my typing this, Selena has 69.5 million followers, while Taylor only has 69.3 million. Meanwhile, despite her nakedness and adorable baby, former Insta queen Kim Kardashian is all the way back at 63.7 million.

So the question I have now is how long before Selena Gomez valiantly deletes her entire Instagram account so her best friend can be in first place again? Because I can totally see that happening. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s a term of the contract that I’m just assuming all of Taylor’s friends have to sign when they join her squad. I mean, what kind of bestie would Selena be if she stole Taylor’s thunder like that?

I’m picturing a dramatic scene like something out of an epic movie, wherein one character sacrifices themselves so their friend can live, possibly falling on their own sword or walking into a situation that they know is a trap or enduring hours of torture instead of giving up their friend’s location. Or, you know, in this case, deleting their Instagram account to put their friend back in the top place. And then the friend cries and cradles their dead body and is all, “Why you always gotta be a hero?” but inside they’re secretly like, “Damn right.”

I mean, it’s totally the noble thing to do. Who cares if Taylor will probably be back at the top by the end of the day? She doesn’t deserve such second-class treatment, and only Selena can set things right. Because loyal sidekicks gonna be loyal loyal loyal loyal loyal and all that. We’re waiting, Selena. Whenever you’re ready.

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