The Only Thing Selena Gomez Didn’t Lip Sync At Her Concert Was The F-Bomb She Dropped

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Selena Gomez performing on her Stars Dance Tour November 2013Brace yourselves for the shock of a lifetime, because dear sweet beautiful Selena Gomez did the unthinkable and dropped an f-bomb on a live mic at her Jingle Ball concert this past weekend. Yes that's right everyone, she smiled her adorable Disney smile, opened her adorable Disney mouth…and a foul little four-letter-word nugget fell out.

But you know the part of this that shocks me the most? …the fact that there was a live mic at a Selena Gomez concert. I mean she's a twenty-one year old lady living in the world, and she dated babysat Justin Bieber off-and-on for like two years, so it makes sense that she'd know and use that word. Especially considering that she was just coming off a song that was so filled with sound-malfunctions that according to a witness she was 'visibly angry'.

Apparently the backing track she was singing over kept cutting out, so it was super super obvious to everyone that she was lip syncing. Even more obvious, I guess, than when she fell onstage and somehow didn't miss a beat, if that's possible. So when the song was over, she said, "What the fuck?!?", not realizing that her mic was live and that every single person at the concert, as well as every single person on the internet who watched the video, would hear her glorious f-bomb reverberating among the rafters, shaking loose all Selena's hopes and dreams to come raining down on the crowd below.

Honestly though, I have no idea why the mic would be on at that point. She lip synced the whole song and then you turned it on after? You gotta imagine that the dude up in the sound booth was new that day and chose to ignore the 'SINGING = OFF, TALKING = ON' sign that you know hangs above the audio controls.

We as fans are pretty aware that Selena is well-known for lip syncing, on account of being not that great live, but someone must not have been, because that f-bomb is SOLID, and it comes through crystal clear on the speakers. No audio issues in sight. We're just lucky that the audience cheering drowned out the earlier part, which was probably just Selena singing 'watermelon watermelon watermelon' over and over again while 'Come & Get It' played in the background.

Poor sweet Selena. We can't wait until her press team gets on the horn and tells us that Selena didn't really say 'what the fuck' — ala Taylor Swift and that whole 'sorry about my arm' debacle. I'm sure Selena was really shouting 'what up, fathead' to Alec Baldwin, who was lurking way at the back of the theater.

(Photo: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)