Selena Gomez Fell Onstage, But Luckily She Was Lip Syncing, So We Barely Noticed

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Selena Gomez performing in Virginia October 2013

After long years of lying in wait, Selena Gomez's shoes finally enacted their revenge last night, and made her fall down onstage during her own concert. You might think that they overreacted and did something out of line, but bear in mind that these little guys have been along for the ride for a long time now. They've been strapped onto her feet while she phoned it in at many a performance, and they're just not gonna take it anymore.

Selena was performing at the Patriot Center in Virginia on October 10th when her shoes saw their opportunity. It was during the song 'Slow Down', when no one would suspect a tumble could be imminent. That way, even if Selena discovered her shoes' devious plot and asked for help through her song, everyone would misinterpret it as an original lyric. She can say 'slow down the song' as many times as she wants, but nobody will every slow down that song. It's like having a heart attack during a game of charades. No one will help you because they'll think it's all part of the game. These are very devious shoes.

And more devious than you even think, because at the same time they embarrassed her horribly by taking her to the ground during a dance move, they revealed that she was utterly and completely lipsyncing. When she accidentally jumps off the stage and falls to the ground, you can hear a little squeal of surprise that I'm pretty sure comes from her, but the vocal track never falters. It just sings all the way through it, without missing a beat. Makes it pretty obvious that she was singing over it or not at all. Which I've always suspected, but never been able to prove. Until the shoes. The shoooooeeeeeees!

Look for yourself, though, at their merciless take down of a pop star.

CURSE YOU SHOES. Let's just hope that Selena takes the Beyonce road and admits the lip syncing right away instead of pretending that her dancing was the only thing she was half-assing that night.