There Is No Worse Mentor For Selena Gomez Than Katy Perry, Her Rumored New BFF

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Selena Gomez shrugging GIFJust when I thought there wasn't anything worse for Selena Gomez than icing out Taylor Swift  to hang out with people like Justin Bieber and the Jenner sisters, she starts getting all buddy-buddy with Katy Perry.

That worries me for a couple reasons, all related to the fact that Selena seems to really be going through something right now. First of all, I think it's always a bad sign when someone's friend groups are constantly and rapidly changing like Selena's has been, and second of all, I don't think Katy is that great of an influence. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice girl, but even though at twenty-nine, she's eight years older than twenty-one year old Selena, Katy is still making the same exact mistakes as she is!

After all, part of what we think started Selena down this path in the first place was not having the good sense or life experience to distance herself from Justin Bieber when it became obvious that he wasn't getting his shit together. So why should she be taking advice from someone who's similarly lacking in those same skills? Katy may be older than Selena, but by no means is she an expert when it comes to choosing a steady, reliable mate. According to an exclusive source at Hollywood Life:

“Katy has been helping Selena, she’s doing everything she can to help her right now as far as being a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to that will understand. She’s like a big sister to her, a nonjudgmental big sister. Katy doesn’t push her opinions on Selena, but whenever Selena needs her, she is there for her.”

See, I have an issue with that whole ‘nonjudgmental' thing. Someone has to give Selena some real talk here at some point instead of just ‘yes'-ing everything she says. This is the window of opportunity when it might be possible to snap Selena out of it, but it's gonna require a true friend to be honest with her and say the things she doesn't necessarily want to hear. And call me a pessimist, but I don't think that person is Katy Perry.

“Katy has a lot of life experience as far as fame and relationships and dealing with players. Compared to Russell Brand or John Mayer, Justin is still a kid. Those guys are real womanizers so Katy knows exactly what Selena is dealing with.”

Yeah, see? Selena only has experience picking out idiot boys so far. It's a good thing Katy is on the scene to teach her how to pick out idiot men.

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