Selena Gomez Locks Justin Bieber Out Of Her House, Presumably For Wearing A Onesie

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Oh man, you guys, the most romantic stuff is going on between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez right now. I'm sure you'll remember that the miniature power-couple split up last week, with Selena being the alleged plug-puller amid allegations that Justin and Victoria's Secret Model Barbara Plavin were hooking up. But Justin is denying all that, and apparently wants to get back together with Selena, because the two met up for dinner last night at a Japanese restaurant in San Fernando Valley, California.

I'm thinking Justin may have misread the invitation, though, and thought he was going to a playdate in 1997, because he wore an all-gray romper. Like, a onesie, but with no sleeves. A pair of sleeveless footie pajamas for 18-year old ballers on dates with their ex-girlfriends. Well somehow Selena failed to be impressed by his awesome swag, because less than ten minutes into the meal, the two apparently got into an argument and Selena actually walked out of the restaurant and drove home. Oh damn! What's Ganglebaby gonna do?? Well I'll tell you what. He's gonna follow his sweet Selena home and make one final plea for a second chance. Annnnd she's gonna keep him locked outside the gate of her house so he can sit quietly and think about what he's done and cry into his diamond chain.

No but seriously, what was this kid thinking? I've never seen him wear anything remotely resembling a onesie before — why would he choose a nice tight gray one for the dinner where he was hoping to win back his (older) ex-girlfriend. I'm not even famous, and I would strongly consider locking you out of my house if you showed up looking like that. Although I'd probably let you shimmy down the chimney. Just to be sporting.

(Image: Ray Garbo / WENN.com)