Selena Gomez Commented On Bieber’s Jelena Throwback Pic, Oh Please No Not This Again

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Selena Gomez Commented on Bieber s Jelena Throwback Pic  Oh Please No Not This Again Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber laughing GIF jelena gif

We thought we were safe. We thought we’d never have to hear the word “Jelena” ever again for the rest of our lives. We thought that national nightmare was over for good. But we were foolish. Jelena will never die. Haven’t you heard? It’s #4ever. So when Justin Bieber posted a throwback photo on Instagram over the weekend of him and Selena Gomez kissing, it wasn’t just another annoying troll move. I mean, it was, but then it became so much more horrifying.

Here’s the photo, which looks as if it was taken off a bulletin board labeled “~*MEMORIES*~.”

Bieber captioned it “Feels.” In this case he didn’t add the disclaimer “Just a throwback calm down,” like he did on another Jelena photo a few months ago. Because I guess he realized that his fans not calming down was sort of inevitable, and also why he was posting the photos in the first place, let’s be real here.

But it’s not the fans’ reactions I’m worried about. It’s Selena’s reaction. According to a picture on Hollywood Life, Selena commented “Perfect” on the photo. In other news, I’m going to curl up in a ball in the corner and wait for death to come. Why must these two always interact just when I’m getting used to talking about them as separate entities? Especially since Selena recently said she was “so done” talking about their romance. Are you really, Selena? Are you? Next thing you know they’re going to release another duet.

But perhaps this isn’t as ominous as we might think. Perhaps Selena is just using her new status as Queen of Instagram to go around blessing random photos with her comments, and she just happens to have commented on this one without realizing what it was. Yeah, that must be it. Never mind that I haven’t heard about her commenting on other people’s photos. Maybe everyone’s just too distracted by this one to notice. Yep, that’s it. Right? RIGHT?

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