Selena Gomez’s Grandparents Are So Worried About Her That They’re Giving Interviews

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Selena Gomez sad GIFWith every day that goes by, we get more proof that something is seriously up with Selena Gomez, and today is no exception. It's gotten to the point now where her grandparents are giving an interview about her, and if you don't get why that's a big deal, I'm about to explain it to you.

Because Selena's mom, Mandy, was only fifteen when she was born, Selena was raised largely by her grandparents until she was three or four. And even after that point, they were heavily involved in her life and her decisions, actively supporting Selena as she exploded into fame at a young age. But if you read the exclusive interview that Ricardo and Mary Gomez gave to Radar Online, you can tell that that's definitely not the case anymore, and you know why? Because people who have an open, communicative relationship with their family members don't go to the press to speak about them.

Basically the entire interview is Selena's grandparents giving her the kind of advice that they'd offer in a conversation — pleading with her to make sure she's okay, to take some time off from work, and distance herself from Justin Bieber. They don't offer any new information, aside from her grandfather confirming that she was indeed diagnosed with lupus a few years ago, as the rumors suggested.

“She’s in treatment. She’s getting along pretty good. What worries [us] more is that she doesn’t know how to say no. She won’t take time for herself to relax, to eat well.”

See that? This isn't a tell-all interview with admissions of drug use and sordid tales of rehahb, it's two grandparents trying to get through to their granddaughter with whom they've lost contact as her life spirals out of control.

“The doctor was telling her she needs to take some time out. It’s just too much pressure what she’s going through. It’s just too much! She doesn’t have a single day’s break. […] It’s getting to the point with all this pressure…that it’s too much.”

Far from trying to make a quick buck on their famous granddaughter, these two seem to be much more interested in Selena's health, and having their thoughts and concerns  be heard.

“The sad part is we hardly see her nowadays, just by phone. When we talk on the phone we say, ‘We don’t see you in person but we see you in the news, in the newspaper, the TV… Are you okay?' She says, ‘Yeah.'”

Kinda makes your heart hurt, doesn't it?

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