Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents As Managers, Which Is An Incredibly Bad Sign

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Selena Gomez on her phone at an event April 2014I don't know how many other ways I can spell this out for you guys, but I'm getting really worried about Selena Gomez. It seems like every single part of her life is in some amount of turmoil right now, and instead of pausing and taking stock of everything, she just parted ways with her managers. Who…also happen to be her parents, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

In a year when Selena has had at least one known rehab trip, we should all be extra-aware of her behavior — and from what I've seen, it's nothing but chaos. She's been breaking up and getting back together with Justin Bieber nonstop, posting a photo to all her millions of Instagram followers where she's intended to look naked, whether or not she really is. She's canceling the end of her tour, checking out of rehab early, hanging out with people like Kendall and Kylie Jenner and using her sexuality instead of her talent to announce new projects. It's just a lot of worrying acts, and that's not even touching on the blind items, which have some pretty scary insinuations about drug and alcohol abuse that can't be confirmed.

But what we can confirm is that Selena is no longer being managed by her mom, Mandy, and her stepdad, Brian Teefey. But even though this information is new to us, according to E!, it isn't new in general:

“This has been going on for awhile. This didn't just happen yesterday.”

She moved on from working with them without having anyone else lined up, which is a very dangerous position for an artist to be in. It just takes all the momentum out of a career, which is a huge sacrifice to make just to get some distance between you and your parents.

According to that same source, ‘everything is fine now', and Selena and her family are ‘all good', but if the rumors are true that Selena's parents hate Justin Bieber and want to give Selena an intervention, I have a feeling the troubles are just beginning.

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