Who Let Selena Gomez Make Sex Jokes In Her Fifty Shades Of Blue Parody? Because She’s Hilarious

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Selena Gomez must have taken to heart our advice that she own her sexuality, because lately she's been more daring when it comes to her public image. She'll play a bikini-clad bank robber in the 2013 comedy Spring Breakers, and now she's teamed up with Nick Swardson and the Funny Or Die folks to mock erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

In “Fifty Shades of Blue,” Selena plays a pretty spot-on parody of virginal heroine Anastasia Steele, prone to biting her lip and an internal running monologue about Carl Blue (Swardson), the decidedly unsexy painter who stops by her house to give her some caulk. Like FOD's “The Ed Hardy Boyz,” this spoof has a lot more nuance than you might give it credit for. You've got Selena mocking her pure Disney image by playing the wannabe sultry naif plagued with dirty thoughts about this older man.

When he holds up the caulking tool and she thinks, “What was that contraption? He was introducing me to a whole new world,” I lost it.

Even though we've seen Selena shimmy in Vegas showgirl-style outfits at her concerts and straddle boyfriend Justin Bieber for the paparazzi, this is the first instance I can think of where she's actively referencing her sexuality. Because the girl is gorgeous; she was definitely blessed with the kinds of looks that signal conventional beauty.

Sure, it's not as graphic as when Dave Franco literally fucks himself in his own (NSFW!) Funny Or Die video. But give Selena credit for tackling adult content while still being coy and genuinely funny. The fact that she's finally acknowledging the sexy confidence that an older woman with her looks would have clearly shows that she's maturing. And of course, in line with her Spring Breakers role, she's coming into her own as a woman in a tasteful way.

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