12 Days Of (NSFW) Sexual Fanfic — Selena Gomez

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We're finally here, boys and girls; we've made it to the day before the day itself. And not Christmas Eve, although that's very exciting — we've made it to the second-to-last day of our 12 Days Of Sexual Fanfic. It's been a bumpy, dirty road, and every moment of it has been decidedly NSFW, but I wouldn't take back a single moment. (Well, maybe that Harry Potter was ruined for me, but no other time.)

And on the eve of Christmas, who better to be the subject of our musings than Selena Gomez, who is herself on the eve of something in her own career. But you won't see any of that here, nay nay. All you'll find here are strange, erotic situations dreamed up by the most loyal of her fans, the Selenators. And unless I miss my guess, we're about to run into a fair bit of Justin, too. So buckle up.

Selena Gomez Smile


“You are my present,”she took the box out of the box. Then, got on one knee,”Selena. Honestly, you make my day brighter. You are an angel sent from heaven. I don’t know what I would do with out you. I love you and please, I am begging you. Selena Gomez will you marry me and become Selena Lovato,”I smiled through the tears. And it wasn’t just the tears I had stored back from when I was in the military.

“Yes,”I said as she slipped the ring on my finger. I heard a pan drop and a little girl scream.


I wish that anytime did something of note, I heard a pan drop and a little girl scream. Oh and obviously this is Demi Lovato coming back from the military to her one true love, Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez Surprised


So, now I was holding my baby boy. I’ve decided I’m going to name him… Aiden or Adam, or maybe Jay or Jaden, this is the hardest, I don’t know. I wish my baby could name himself oh my gosh. I wish he could talk, this would be a whole lot easier. I’ll make it up to Justin. And there he is, Justin just walked into the room.

“Justin,” I looked up at him. “What do you think we should name him? I was thinking Aiden or Adam or maybe Jay or Jaden…”

“I think we should name him Jaden,” He replied with the biggest smile on his face.

“I think that’s a great name,” I said, smiling too. “He’s so precious.”

“Yes, it is a great name for a great baby. He’s so precious, I agree.” Justin smiled. “Can I hold him?”

“Of course, babe. He’s yours too, not just mine.”

The lady who was in here while I was getting my son delivered, came back & said: “Your baby uh… has cancer.”

“What?” I said, completely shocked.

“Your baby, Jaden… he has cancer”


Talk about a bedside manner. Also worth noting that they name their son after Jaden Smith. Because of course.

Selena Gomez Glasses


Demi kisses a trail up Selena’s jaw, to chew at her earlobe before crashing back to her lips. Selena lifts herself in a heaving breath through her nose, then grinds her hips down on Demi’s waist, causing the girl to stumble slightly. Rolling her hips, Selena brings her chest closer to Demi, trying to feel as much skin as she can. The rhythm Selena picks up is slow and languid, but their kisses are fast and heated.


Is it just me, or should the soundtrack to this be an effing traffic jam. Why such violent verbs??

Selena Gomez Laugh


“Just-just a few more minutes” she grumbles; her voice scratchy after a night of rest. Now the soft lips are at her shoulder, pressing down wetly. The corner of her mouth tugs up at Taylor’s persistence and never ending affection. Each morning, Selena awoke to bathing adoration. Taylor couldn’t hold it in and Selena flourishes in it. “I could always make you get up” the words caress her ear sending shivers down her spine. Fingertips trail down her bare arms, leaving goose bumps in their path.


In which Selena and Taylor Swift are girlfriends, and Taylor loves Christmas a lot.

Selena Gomez Shrug


“I feel used.” I stood up in front of him and looked at him in the eyes. “You’re making me feel like a whore. What was I for you? A sex toy? Whom you can use whenever you want to and then when you get bored you go on for another one? A new one, a better one.” I exploded. “Did you even loved me Zay—”

I couldn’t complete as he slapped me.

“Don’t you ever, never say again I never loved you.” He said with his hand around my neck and pulled me towards him.

He pulled me up and kissed me with passion. He kissed me hard and with aggression. He was trying to make me understand I wasn’t right, but I still wanted an explanation.  He was kissing me with anger. I could taste the minted cigarette on his lips and tongue kissing me with great passion.


The best thing about Zayn Malik in these imagines is that when he comes home with hickies and you call him on it, HE FUCKING SLAPS YOU. And these kids think it's romantic.

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As I grew harder, we both took a breath, before reattaching our lips. She reached her hands over my shoulders pushing her chest against mine. My fingers tangled in her hair, as my hands cupped each of her breasts. The wetter she got, the more I knew.

“Your sure?” I mumbled, placing kisses along her chest and down her flat stomach. She shook her head vigorously as I slowly began to enter her. Receiving a gasp of pain from Selena as I pushed further and further inside of her. Her nails dug into my back and scratched down as she quietly moaned. As she reached her climax a loud scream escape her lips followed by soft whimper.

“J-Justin…-” She stuttered as I slowly pulled out.


I'm disturbed by the line ‘the wetter she got, the more I knew' and the fact that Justin jumps straight from kissing to sex with zero foreplay. Also the sex itself is over in like thirty seconds, but would he really have it any other way?

Selena Gomez Performing


You fall on the bed, writhing together. Clothes are torn and ripped and tossed away and her hands are on you again. They feel more experienced but you can still tell she’s not been with a woman that isn’t you. They just seem to remember your body – which you find implausible since you know you were a skeleton back then.

“You feel so much healthier,” she whispers against your lips.

You haven’t changed one bit.”

Soon enough those thighs are clamped either side of your head and those hands are buried in your hair and pulling you closer and she’s screaming and moaning loudly for you.

So much for voice rest.


HOW CAN YOU THINK OF VOCAL REST AT A TIME LIKE THIS?? When Demi's thighs are clamped around your face?

Selena Gomez No


He picked me up at six thirty, and we drove to the restaurant that his parents were waiting at. I greeted them with a smile and a hug, then sat down on Justin’s lap. It didn’t look very classy, I’m sure, but it would work. Thank God the table covered our laps and his parents didn’t see me grinding my bare pussy on his pants. The only saw me doting on their son, wrapping my arm around his neck and planting him kisses on the cheek. Justin wrapped his arm around my hip, his fingers grazing my clit ever so slightly. It was the little touches that drove me insane. I almost moaned, I almost ripped every piece of clothing off that boy’s body, I almost yelled, “GET YOUR MASSIVE COCK INSIDE ME NOW JUSTIN!” But I didn’t. Because I couldn’t.
I felt a vibration in my purse and I pulled out my phone. The text message read: Hold it in baby
But it feels soooo good,
 I replied. I positioned myself so he could slide a finger in while still playing with clit. I bit my lip, which would only turn him on more. I squealed softly, but his parents were too oblivious to notice two teenagers finger fucking across from them.
It will feel better at home baby (; 
The promises of being fucked later made me feel better. Before I knew it, he had entered two more fingers inside my tight hole and begun pinching my clit. I bit my lip until the point that I started bleeding before I felt myself cumming on his fingers. I let out a gasp, getting Justin’s parents’ attention.
“What is the matter, Selena?”
“Oh, nothing!”
“Um, okay, dear.” They went back to reading the menus.
I was the only one who saw Justin lick his fingers clean.


No. No no no no no no no. Least observant parents ever.

So that's that. Sorry everyone. If you still have tolerance left, tune in for our last installment, tomorrow, featuring Smosh.