Ellen Scares Selena Gomez With A Crazy Chainsaw Pyscho, Hilarity Ensues…So She Does It Again

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Ellen Scares Selena Gomez With A Crazy Chainsaw Pyscho  Hilarity Ensues So She Does It Again Ellen Degeneres Scares Selena Gomez jpg

God, I just love Ellen DeGeneres so much some days! Just when you think you’re sick of her scaring celebrities during interviews, she reminds you that it’s funny every single time. For example, take this video of her scaring the living daylights (maybe even the nightlights) out of Selena Gomez.

One second they’re talking about scary amusement parks Selena likes to frequent with her boyfriend Justin Bieber — and the next second she’s curled up in a fearful fetal position screaming her head off because Ellen hired someone to scare her.


And not just anyone. It’s a masked man with a chainsaw who looks to be created from the nightmares of children and the producers of TLC reality shows.

As I do whenever there are chainsaws and masked men lurking around unsuspecting women, I laughed aloud.

Then I watched the second video where Ellen scares Selena all over again.

Like I said before, it never gets old!