Selena Gomez And Ed Sheeran Reportedly Dating — Oh How The Tables Have Turned

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Selena Gomez And Ed Sheeran Reportedly Dating   Oh How The Tables Have Turned Selena Gomez attending the Billboard Music Awards May 2013 jpgSelena Gomez and Ed Sheeran are rumored to be dating, which I hope is true, because it’s been a good long while since we had a really top-shelf game of Musical Boyfriends over in Celebritytown. There are so many volatile baby starlets over there right now, and nothing would please me more than if they all took a nice trip to C.W. Swapigans together and gave me something to blog about. Just imagine — if all my wildest dreams are realized, this rumor will turn out to be true, as will the one linking Selena’s ex Justin Bieber and Liam Hemsworth‘s ex? fiancee? child bride? Miley Cyrus, and we can all go merrily into the sunset, writing passive-aggressive (and hopefully very explicit) songs about each others’ relationships until the cows come home. Too many cowboy metaphors, podnah? Maybe.

The two were reportedly set up over Memorial Day weekend by mutual friend Taylor Swift, who is currently touring with Ed, and was actually rumored (by us, yes, but also others!) to be dating him earlier this year. But now it’s apparently on like Donkey Kong with Selena and Ed, with a source reporting to US Weekly:

“They are hooking up! She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child. This is a nice escape from the drama.”

Yup, makes sense to me! At twenty-two, Ed is three human years older than nineteen-year old Justin, and at least ten maturity years older, so I can see the appeal. Another source isn’t quite ready to link them as a couple, but says:

“They are friends with an open mind. He’s sensitive and sweet and a lot deeper than Justin.”

Wait, what? Deeper than Justin? Bieber? So like, Ed’s Audi is zebra-striped instead of leopard-printed or something? And when he meets a prime minister he wears a tracksuit instead of overalls? Otherwise this is BEYOND MY IMAGINATION.

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