Selena Gomez Pulls Off Being Drunk Better Than Most People Pull Off Being Sober

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selena gomez drunk

Word on the street is that 20-year-old Selena Gomez allegedly got wasted at a Golden Globes after party and made the mistake of giving an on-camera interview. It's the celebrity version of drunk-dialing your ex. Only a thousand times worse because your ex will only share your slurred love speech with a few people. The guy giving the interview will share it with the Internet. And as we know, the Internet is not where you want your deepest, darkest secrets shared. (That's a right people typically reserve for TLC.)

Is Selena Gomez wasted in this video? The WebMd symptom checker says yes, yes she is wasted. However they didn't take into account that she spent half the interview making verbal love to Jennifer Lawrence. And really, how many of us here on Crushable wouldn't also be mixing up words and slurring our speech when we're in the preseence of Jennifer Lawrence? I would probably revert to my two-year-old speech patterns and just start saying “me want Wennifer Warence.” So I can't make the game call decision right now.

I also can't judge her too harshly either way. She's 20. According to statistics that I made up in my head but sound accurate enough to repeat, 87% of 20-year-olds have made a drunken mistake on camera. And 86% of those people have friends who uploaded those mistakes to Facebook. And tell you what, 100% of those people didn't look as glamourous as Selena Gomez does in this video.

In fact I'll go a step further and guess that 100% of us don't look that glamourous when we're sober. And that's including the days when I wear my nice jeggings.

So wasted, sober, buzzed, whatever — Selena Gomez looks great!