New Selena Gomez Single Leaks…Is Demi Lovato The More Talented One?

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Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez at Teen Choice Awards 2011In the category of ‘Things I Didn't Think I'd Care About Today'…who is the more talented member of the Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato feud, you guys? She may be a hot mess, but I think I'm gonna have to call this one for Demi. These two ladies used to be the bestest of friends, ever since meeting on the set of Barney, where they presumably bonded over their crippling anxiety over what more the Barney Bag could possibly hold. They came of age together in the Disney limelight and were pretty much inseparable, until something started to go south. And not just any something — Demi Lovato. Growing up famous must be pretty effing weird, and Demi started to lose her shit a little bit. A lot bit. There were fights on airplanes, rumors of cocaine use, trips to rehab, and struggles with eating disorders. Demi was in a pretty dark place, but to her credit, she kind of took herself out of the scene to really deal with it. (Minus her judging gig on X Factor, but her mess-factor was kind of eclipsed by the ticking time bomb that is Britney Spears sitting right beside her.) Meanwhile, Selena was dating Justin Bieber, getting cast in Spring Breakers, and just generally impressing me every single day with her ability to be much more beautiful and pulled together than me, even when slightly underage-drunk at the Golden Globes. With all that in mind, it's tempting to write off Demi as a hot mess and relegate her to the same spot in your brain that holds the new photos of Amanda Bynes and the entire criminal history of Lindsay Lohan, but don't do it! Look at the facts first before you make any rash decisions. These ladies both have new music out, so why not let them face off Youtube style to decide the victor of this musical Battle Royale.

The new Selena Gomez song is called ‘Rule The World', and it was quietly and most likely inadvertently released / leaked yesterday. I don't want to put any ideas in your head, but it's pretty…underwhelming. Selena has a solid voice, but the song is halfway in between a ballad and a dance-able pop song, doing neither one particularly well. Once you've heard about thirty seconds, you've heard the whole thing. I mean granted, it wasn't released as an official single, but it will be on the album, so I should probably have a desire to at least listen to it all the way through, y'know? In contrast, the new Demi Lovato song ‘Heart Attack'? I'm obsessed.

Put me in a club and let me dance to this. Do it and do it now. Demi may not totally have her shit totally together yet, but she's working on herself and I'm kind of thinking it's improving her music. She has something to push against, and her struggles come through in her music. I'm embarrassingly in love with this song. Like, sing it to myself in the mirror levels of obsession. It's bad.

So yeah, that's me casting my vote. Selena may be more popular and pulled together, but as of this very moment, I'm calling Demi the clear winner on the talent level. But please, ladies, by all means keep releasing your music at the same time to keep this debate going, and I'll continue judging it by dancing around to it while cleaning my apartment in my underoos. Very official.

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