Jennifer Aniston Approves Of Selena Gomez Dating Zedd, So We Can All Finally Sleep At Night

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When the rumors first started that Selena Gomez was dating music producer and DJ Zedd, I'm sure we were all thinking the same thing: What does Jennifer Aniston think of all this? It kept me up nights, I won't lie. I would toss and turn wondering if Jen was happy for Selena, and if she'd give her blessing if Zedd asked for Selena's hand in marriage. Now, thanks to Hollywood Life and their anonymous sources, we have an answer.

Apparently several of Selena's friends, including Taylor Swift and Lorde, approve of her alleged relationship with Zedd, because he seems to make her happy. The most important opinion, however, is Jennifer Aniston's opinion. In case you didn't know, in which case you really need to read up on your “middle-aged actresses being BFF with 20-something pop stars” news, Jen and Selena hung out at the Golden Globes earlier this month. That's where she met Zedd:

“Many people met Zedd at the Golden Globes after party and were very impressed with him. Taylor liked him, Jennifer liked him, and Lorde liked him. They loved seeing Selena in such a great mood and away from all the drama that Justin brings. They liked seeing her happy. They have all signed off on this relationship.”

Even though I've forgotten when or where or why or how Jen and Selena came to be friends, it warms my heart that Jen is happy that Selena's happy. And really, anyone who's anti-Bieber is automatically pretty okay in my book.

No word yet if Taylor tried to steal Jennifer Aniston away from Selena and add her to her own impressive BFF collection. I guess she was too busy peer pressuring underage Lorde to drink with her because “rum is so good!” I'll keep an eye on Hollywood Life. I'm sure they've got an anonymous source on the case. I expect a Jen/Taylor Instagram by the end of the week.

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