Taylor Swift Set Up Selena Gomez And Niall Horan, So Bring On The Humblebrags

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Niall Horan and Selena Gomez posing with fans while on a date in London February 2014Even if you know almost nothing about Selena Gomez, it's pretty clear she has a type — super famous scrawny little boy-banders. She dated Justin Bieber on-and-off for three years even though he's two years younger and ten years less mature, supposedly hooked up with Justin Bieber clone Austin Mahoneand now she's apparently moved on to Niall Horan.

To be fair, Niall's twenty, so he's only a year younger than Selena, not actually that scrawny, and seems to have things way more together than Justin. But obviously he's just as famous, thanks to being a member of One Direction. The two of them had a romantic dinner in London on February 16th, just a few days after Valentine's Day (!!!), and they posed with some fans so there's proof!

And in case you're wondering how these two could have possibly met, apparently the answer is pretty straight-forward: Taylor Swift. I guess she figured out Selena's type just like we did, so she took initiative and used her connection with Harry Styles and the rest of the band to set up a little dateski-doodle:

“Taylor is the one that set Niall and Selena up. Selena has been having such a hard time moving on from Justin, and Taylor hates seeing her sad. She’s been trying to set her up with a bunch of different guys but Niall was the only one so far that Selena got excited about.”

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. This is so well-organized that it reeks of Taylor. We're gonna be hearing humblebrags from her for months about making this happen, don't you think?

After all, these two are perfectly matched because Niall has said before that he has a crush on Selena, plus they're really smart to be taking photos with fans so that the news leaks and everyone finds out they were together. And by ‘everyone', I think we're all aware that who I'm really talking about is Justin. You know Selena wanted him to see those photos and be jealous that her new boyfriend is A. cute B. famous and C. house-trained.

“One thing he will not like is when he finds out that Taylor Swift set this all up because he hates her with a passion. She has always been the problem when it comes to the success or failure of his relationship with Selena.”

Yeah you're right, Taylor has always been the problem in the Jelena relationship. Definitely not you at all. Cripes.

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