If Selena Gomez Throws Any More Shade, The Sun Will Just Have To Retire

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While Selena Gomez isn't quite going off the rails yet, she's certainly going off the script. The formally cute 'n sweet star kicked off this Tour de Tude earlier this month by giving the Lorde a backhanded compliment during a radio interview. And now she's continuing it by going on a rant about class during a concert at the Barclays Center in NYC this past weekend. While the words themselves are totally positive, the tone is not at all. She's like your friend right after a break-up pretending like she doesn't care about her ex at all. Sure she's saying all the right things ("honestly, he wasn't the one for me"), but she's going about it in the wrongest way (telling you all this as she burns up photos of him at a get-over-it bonfire that she asked you to attend).

I mean, maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe I'm getting too excited for this Lorde versus Pop Music feud. Or maybe I'm just catching the last straw before the war breaks out. While it's obvi key that you watch this video so that you can hear the tone, let me give you some (hypothetical) context for what you're going to hear.

At the climax of her speech, Selens says, "You know, people tell me all the time that I am not sexy enough or I'm not cool enough. Or I would be cool if I did this. But can I say one thing? One thing that I think is sexy is class.  And there is nothing wrong with that." Which, dare I say it, sounds like a rebuttal to Lorde's comment last week about her music. In case you somehow missed that because you were in a coma or something, here's what happened. In an interview with MTV News, Lorde said that the "hater" culture in music is outta control right now. And that she's standing by her comment about Selena's music being anti-feminist. A comment that we're sure did not sit so well with Selena.

Is this whole rant a not-so-sublte dig at Lorde for not backing down…or am I just a 26-year-old too obsessed with middle school drama? Fingers crossed for the former.

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