Selena Gomez’s Friends Don’t Want To Go To Her Birthday Party If Justin Bieber Is There

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Justin Bieber making an awkward face with a megaphone GIFThe portion of the population who has any positive feelings about Justin Bieber is small enough that you'd assume at least some of them fell into the category of ‘people who actually know him', right? So like…friends of Selena Gomez or something? Nope!

Apparently Selena is getting down to the business of planning the party for her birthday, which is on July 22nd, and all anyone really cares about is that Bieber isn't in attendance. Not the cake, not the venue, not the dress code (although I suspect they're leaning toward white-tie bindi!!) — just that Justin will be nowhere near the festivities. According to a source who spoke to E!:

“No one wants him to go. All her friends want him out of the picture and just want her to have a relaxing birthday with no trouble and they think he's going to dominate her attention.”

What? Justin? No way that he's gonna dominate her attention, or anyone's! I mean, does it dominate attention if you refuse to take your sunglasses off or to use traditional plumbing to urinate or to be sulking at yourself in mirrors during the birthday song?? Why yes, actually, I think it does.

“She doesn't seem to care that he spends time with other women and isn't always honest with her. She's hypnotized. Her friends just want her to enjoy herself for her birthday, but if Justin attends it might complicate matters.”

I always knew that Taylor Swift didn't like Justin, but I guess I figured the rest of her friends were more on board. But now that I'm thinking about it, it makes perfect sense that they wouldn't want him there. The kid can't even drink legally (not that that's ever stopped him), and I have ten bucks that says he tries to jump into  the cake instead of out of it.

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