Someone Should Tell Selena Gomez That Wearing A Bikini In A Photo Isn’t Brave

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The bravest.

The bravest.

Wanna know the moment I knew for sure that we're overusing the word ‘brave'? When Selena Gomez used it to describe a photo in which the bravest thing she's doing is wearing a bikini.

If you're the kind of astute observer that we value here at Crushable, you may have noticed that Selena has been really going through something on Instagram in the past few months. She was posting weird videos, overtly sexual selfies, and the kind of brooding, cryptic captions that could have graced my AIM away messages once upon a time.

But recently, she's flaming out in a way that even the naked, un-pop-culture-trained eye can see, most notably by dating Justin Bieber…again. Even though she was so traumatized by dating him the first 5421345 times around that her vagina spiritually sealed itself up so she could be a born again virgin, she jumped right back on board the Bieberbus at the first opportunity, and if anything, her Instagram posts have gotten even more confusing.

Like today, for example, when she put up a shot of herself with braids, sunglasses, and an orange bikini with the caption, ‘soy valiente', which translates to ‘I'm brave' in Spanish.

Alright girl, I'll humor you — what do you think you're brave about? Maybe for baring your perfect body with a bikini? Or for showing off your dead eyes and chapped lips instead of going for the traditional no makeup selfies that are favored by your colleagues? Or maybe for sitting next to that pair of knees with no discernible body attached? These are all options.

So yeah, Selena, let us know which of those it is, otherwise I'ma keep shaking my head in confusion every time to put something up.

(Image: Reddit)