Selena Gomez Enjoying Being Single, Vanessa Hudgens Enjoying Being Conscious

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Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens on Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler March 2013Selena Gomez did an interview on Chelsea Lately to promote her new movie Spring Breakers, and someone accidentally invited Vanessa Hudgens to come along, too. I'm sorry, I don't mean that…I'm sure that both girls were invited to come on together, but Chelsea Handler only bothered to do research on Selena, so I hope you'll excuse my phrasing. Selena gets to sit in the real guest chair, and Vanessa gets to perch on the edge of her chair while Chelsea directs all her questions at Selena, including showing off her magazine cover for Harper's Bazaar. It had to have been really fun for Vanessa. She was happy just to be nominated for second chair, guys, after her weird booty popping performance the other day for Jay Leno.

But there they both were, with Vanessa desperately trying to intercept some of the balls that Chelsea was lobbing at Selena. It was actually pretty awkward to watch. Chelsea's basically conducting an interview with Selena, and after she gets an answer out of Selena, she half-heartedly asks Vanessa the same thing. Like when she hears that Selena likes to dance, she goes, “Well…yeah…you're Latina,” and then they laugh about that for a second before Chelsea remembers other people are in the room and asks Vanessa if she's Latina too. To which she responds, “I mean kind of, a little bit.” Oh girl, a swing and a miss! Come on, V-Hudge, that's the only opening you're gonna get! You gotta make moves on this. Chelsea also remembers that Selena is unattached, obviously — it would've been pretty tough to miss that Justin Bieber breakup — and asks her if she's enjoying being single, to which Selena responds, “Yes, I really am.” And again they laugh and enjoy themselves, and then Vanessa gets a shot at the question too. Because even though Chelsea knows about Selena's dad's history of using her as bait at Hooters, she can't remember that Vanessa is dating Austin Butler. Ah well, Vanessa…better luck next time.