16 Times Seinfeld Described Our Lives

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It’s impossible to watch an episode of Seinfeld and not do two things: 1) laugh uncontrollably and 2) think, “This is totally me.” The sitcom, which ran from 1989 until 1998 on NBC, has definitely aged pretty well. Sure, there are bad hairdos and super dated clothing, but that’s par for the course for any show in the '90s, so we can ignore — or even appreciate — those fashion faux-pas.

Even though it’s 2017 and we’ve got a ton of things that didn’t exist back in the world of Jerry and his BFFs, like Uber, Tinder, and avocados (okay, avocados existed but no one obsessed over them), we don’t care. We can relate 100 percent and we’ll always love this amazing show. Check out the gallery to find out 16 times that Seinfeld was our life.

1. Every time Elaine dumped a guy for a silly reason


We probably think that we’re the worst when it comes to finding tiny things that a guy says or does that are total deal breakers. Or maybe we think that way about our best friend. Elaine was the MVP of ridiculous reasons to dump guys. In the season five episode “The Sniffing Accountant,” Elaine was super surprised to learn that her current beau wrote down a phone message without an exclamation point. Yup, we’ve all done things like that. Our friends think we’re crazy and they don’t get why we can’t see beyond it and keep seeing the guy, but to us, it’s too late.