Seal Is Keeping His Wedding Ring On

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What caused Heidi Klum and Seal to split after seven years of marriage is still up for speculation, but who wants the split is becoming more and more obvious. Heidi is the one filing divorce papers, and Seal seems to be the one who's not quite ready to move on.

Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Seal told Ellen he was keeping his wedding ring on because of the connection he still has with Heidi , going on to gush about the eight wonderful years they had together and the respect they have for each other. Overall he just didn't sound like a guy being polite in the public eye for the sake of his children, he sounded like a guy who isn't over his ex, and maybe isn't even willing to start to get over her.

It's also worth noting he said later in the interview “will we wear the rings forever, who knows,” implying he assumes Heidi is continuing to wear her ring as well. If that's true it might be a gesture of goodwill, honoring their past and acknowledging they'll have to continue to work together to raise the children. If she's not wearing it, Seal hanging on just seems sad.