5 Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing And Watch the SAG Awards

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The awards season means different things for different people, the lesser-known Screen Actor's Guild Awards (which air this Sunday, January 27th at 8 PM on TNT) is included in this crazy season.  For actors it means liquid diets, and sweat-drenched nightmares in their hyperbaric chambers about not quite fitting into their sample size dresses. Remember you don’t alter a Vera Wang, you alter yourself to fit into Vera.  Oh, it’s also probably about validating career choices, as well, but their multi-million dollar paychecks do that, too.

For me, awards season is about the complete opposite. It's about sitting, snuggled up on the couch, tucked up with some Chinese take-out and mocking the dresses that our fave actresses are wearing. Okay, maybe, my obsession for the awards season is directly correlated to how freezing it is outside, but whatever, it's become part of my life.

For so long, I have avoided the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, thinking of it as merely an awards teaser between the Golden Globes and the Oscars. But, then last year I tuned into them, and I was converted. So, I'm doing my duty as a devout, and trying to convert the mass, here are some reasons why you should be a believer:

1.) It’s about performers picking other performers, not the politics.

Jack Sparrow Gif


They awarded Johnny Depp for playing Captain Jack Sparrow. ‘Nuff Said. It's not about the pretensions or the politics. It's about who made characters real and swoon-worthy for the common folk.

2.) It's two hours: get in, get out

Cat Yawn


Okay, it sounds like I'm really reaching here, if one of my points is the short time-length. But, come on, award shows are notoriously boring and ego-ridden. The SAG's wham, bam, thank you ma'am approach holds our interest, but also keeps us feeling satiated instead of just used.

3.) Maggie Smith

various photofest 230412

Maggie Smith does bad like no one else can. I find myself wanting her to say something bitingly polite with the snarl of her lips to me. The fact, that she is plastered all over the nominations list means I can feed my girl crush for the next two hours.

Also tune- in and hope for the possibility of this…



4.) The SAG's don't take themselves too seriously

The SAG's are the young ‘uns of the award shows, and they definitely act like it. They keep it fun, informal, but still with a touch of class.

5.) The Drinking Game

Okay, if you're still unconvinced that you could actually enjoy an award show like the SAG Awards. Well, we have a fail-proof way for you to have an unbelievably great time watching the show. For all you cynics out there, the SAG Awards brought you the infamous Martin Scorcese Drinking Game last year. Scorcese isn't a trend — so his drinking game will always be both relevant and successful.

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