Judge Teaches Scout Willis A Valuable Lesson By Letting Her Off With Two Days Of Community Service

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Following her recent arrest for underage drinking and possession of a fake ID, Scout Willis has finally been sentenced in a way that was clearly designed to teach her an important lesson. That lesson being that she should underage drink all she wants, because nothing bad is likely to happen to her as a result.

In a sentence handed down earlier today, the DA's office agreed to dismiss the case entirely if Ms. Willis performs two days of community service and successfully completes six months of probation.

In Scout's defense, her lawyer Stacey Richman argued that the case be dismissed immediately because the cops wrote down the wrong kind of Pakistani beer, and also because Scout is a celebrity offspring good girl who doesn't deserve to be treated like a criminal:

“Ms. Willis is an excellent student at Brown University; she is involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities and is, while maintaining her excellent scholastic standing, pursuing her music career interests and performing internationally,” Richman wrote.

“It seems entirely illogical for the country to saddle this young woman, no different from any of us at that age, with any aspect of a criminal record.”

It might not have been the best idea to mention her “music career interests” lest the judge look askance at her assless chaps, but it worked. In any case, Scout is 21 now, so it seems like that particular problem is solved. I can't wait to see what new ones she'll come up with!

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