Scout Willis (Via Twitter Pseudonym) Brags About Drugs And Claims Terry Richardson Tried To Finger Her

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Scout Willis Terry Richardson fingered @BougPunk Twitter

Update: Well, now we know it's definitely Scout—she deleted the account but would only give “no comment” to IvyGate. Guess she's not so tough now, huh?

With Demi Moore‘s divorce from Ashton Kutcher and recent rehab stay, we've been focused on Demi's daughter Rumer: Her role in her mother's whip-its overdose, not to mention if she'll end up dating her ex-stepdad. But we shouldn't have overlooked middle child Scout Willis, because she's the true rebel of the family. IvyGate uncovered a Twitter account that they believe is Scout's, where she viciously mocks her celebrity parents and casually drops references to drug experimentation and illicit encounters with creepy photographer Terry Richardson.

IvyGate is convinced that the Twitter account @BougPunk belongs to Brown senior Scout. She thinks she's hot shit, alternately distancing herself from her famous family and then bragging about the access that being a star gives her, like sneaking into the same hotel where Lindsay Lohan is staying. Plus, she shares graphic details about her partying and her frankly filthy-sounding living conditions. In no particular order, here are some of Scout's “best” tweets:

haven’t washed me sheets in like months, cum stains, soda stains, mascara on the pillows the works! finally taking then to the dry cleaners!

Casually took MDMA at this little bar downtown and got fingered by the hot dude who delivered our munches because I was with too many gays

today my friend and I snuck into the pool at the Chateau Marmonte, we charged fries and 7 packs of parliment lights to lindsey lohans room.

Last night Terry Richardson tried to finger me, I didn’t let him, obviously. But I did let him photograph me topless in the bathroom.

Wound up at an unsatisfying “safe space” orgy this weekend—my only trophy is the intentional cigarette burn on my forearm. I miss danger.

This kid has a lot of self-loathing for everyone around her: Her fellow Ivy Leaguers, anyone with money, and her parents Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. We saw some of that when she made this experimental video (in assless chaps, no less) about leaving behind the horrible trappings of Hollywood, but her tweets on the matter sound bitingly mean and narcissistic:

I hate capitalism like I hate my parents, but they both serve me so well.

For proof, IvyGate points to photos like the one above, as well as references to Scout's essays and videos on StyleLikeU and, of all things, a Neopets account. (Yeah Scout, you're real hard.) There's also the fact that @BougPunk retweeted Ian Somerhalder‘s tweet promoting a video that Scout made with Gus Williams… and she did this two weeks before the IvyGate article came out, so it's not as if she's trying to troll the site's readers.

She may not be as bad off as her mom or someone like LiLo, but still, this kid obviously needs people to listen to her, and the freedom to talk as her actual self instead of behind an “anonymous” Twitter account.