Scout Willis Arrested For Stupid Reasons, While Ashton Kutcher Somehow Remains Free

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You'd think having famous parents like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis would get the cops off your back. But the 20-year-old Scout Willis learned last night that the NYC police don't stand for underage drinking and fake IDs. Even if you're a Brown student forced to endure having Ashton Kutcher as your stepfather and the world's most botoxed forehead as a mother.

New York Daily News reports that the cops caught her drinking a beer in Union Square and then busted her when she handed them a fake ID with the name Katherine Kelly. Considering the entire NY police force (allegedly) reads Crushable everyday, they're up to date on their celeb knowledge. They can spot a celebrity child when they see one. Especially when she has the telltale Willis look.

So Scout got sent to jail and was released without bail shortly after. She's due back in court on July 31st. Just enough time for her to apologize to Katherine Kelly for destroying her fake ID business.