Let’s Rank Scott Disick’s Instagram Photos From Least To Most Offensive

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I make it a point not to follow anyone associated with the Kardashians on Instagram, because they really have a way of putting a damper on the pics of cute puppies that show up regularly in my feed.  That being said, I noticed the internet was up in arms over Scott Disick‘s Instagram photo shoot from earlier this weekend, because people felt it was offensive.  Imagine that!  Scott Disick, who refers to himself as Lord Disick (while the rest of us refer to him as a total tool), pissed people off!  Crazy!

So naturally I had to take a gander for myself, and I suppose you could say I understand why people might think he was douchey for this series of pictures.  People can be unreasonable though, so far be it from me to point out that Lord Disick doesn't have an actual, real job of his own and has just kind of been klinging to the Kardashian Famewhore Express and that posting photos of money as toilet paper might incite a little resentment with people who are less financially fortunate as Douche Disick.

1.) “Fuck it, I'm done. Goodnight.”
This one was posted at the end of the night, and serves no other purpose than to show us he's over playing with his money and doesn't care much for modern jeans.

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2.) “Fuck! Can't decide which watch to take.”
Ugh, tell me about it.  My Target watch stopped working the other day, right before I was going to pack it in my borrowed luggage for my annual trip to Poor Town.

scott 5

3.) “Hello peasants is that u? Fucku”
Poor grammar aside, I think the meaning here is pretty clear.  What we don't know for sure is whether that stack of billz came from directly under the teet of Kourtney or Kim's ass.  Because he doesn't have a real job.  Because making appearances in random night clubs in a tacky suit isn't a real job.
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4.) “Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos”

I'm just a regular peasant, so I wouldn't know that mentioning the centimeter size of the bag is vital to this post.  Though I have no idea why he'd want to be carrying the same bag Samantha Jones stole from Luciy Liu, but he's also not known to be a “man's man” so it's cool I guess. Also, I only get one singular “hundo” for Christmas.  Because I'm a peasant.

scott 4 5.) “I know yall didn't think I'd actually use toilet paper”
Nope, I didn't.  Because turds are already filled with too much shit.  This is the picture most people are pissed off about.  I guess because some of us slave away 40 hours a week for that prized three-digit paycheck when Scott Disick gets to live like this.  I don't know, just guessing. Can someone please explain to me what Kourtney finds reputable enough in this loser to not only waste her life away with him but reproduce with his genes?

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(Photos: Instagram)