The School Of Rock Cast Had A Reunion To Remind Us That Time Is Fleeting

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School of Rock Reunion August 2013

Some days you feel like you have your whole life ahead of you, and you're confident that your youth has been well-spent. Any reminders you might get about what was going on ten years ago inspire positive, fond memories, and you don't regret a single aspect of how you've lived your life since then. Thanks to the School of Rock cast, I am not having one of those days today. On Thursday night, Jack Black and the rest of the cast of the critically acclaimed comedy got together at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film's debut. Yeah, that's right. That movie came out in 2003. Obviously those little kids couldn't look that much older now, right? Right? Holy cow, look at them. They're adults.

Miranda Cosgrove shared photos from the event on her Instagram, and I just scrolled through them with mouth agape. I'm about the same age as these actors, but for some reason having some distance from them for a decade and then suddenly seeing how much they've aged is freaking me out a little. It's like not having looked at yourself in the mirror since 2003 and suddenly seeing how much you've changed. For me, that would mostly involve marveling at my lack of braces. Obviously Miranda Cosgrove's appearance doesn't shock me, since I've seen her on a fairly regular basis over the past ten years. I hate to go all “this makes me feel old” in my twenties, but there's something about realizing something from your childhood is now a decade old that makes you reevaluate what time is. When you look at this old snapshot of the cast Miranda shared, it gets even more jarring.

School of Rock cast as kids

Ignoring the current crisis I'm experiencing, I'm glad to see the kids have overcome their stick-it-to-the-man-eosis and grown up well. I remember really liking School of Rock when it first came out. It was like the Dead Poets Society of rock ‘n' roll. Apparently 1,000 fans also showed up for the event and screening, and there was Q&A afterward. Plus, the cast reunited to perform a song. *NSYNC, eat your heart out.

(Photos: Instagram)