Aww: New Girl’s Max Greenfield Thought His Emmy Nomination Was An Internet Prank

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Wow, yet another reason to love Max Greenfield: First he jokes that he should play a comedic Christian Grey, and now he explains his adorable initial reaction to his Emmy nomination. He confessed to People, “I saw it on the Internet but… I thought the Internet was lying to me, because I hadn't gotten a call [from my manager].” Aww! Now, I know that Reddit and 4chan can be kind of mean to celebrities, but this isn't the kind of trick that Anonymous would pull on a newbie actor. In fact, the internet seems to love him: He's quite giffable on Tumblr, and his Twitter account has over 178,000 followers.

Still, Max didn't let himself believe the news until he walked onto the set of his new movie They Came Together: “I was walking into hair and makeup, and Paul Rudd turned around and was like ‘Hey man, congrats on the Emmy nom.'” This guy might be reason enough for me to watch New Girl! Especially if his character Schmidt is as endearing as the actor himself.

However, Max warns, viewers should bear in mind that the first episode of New Girl season 2 might look a little scattered since he and co-star Zooey Deschanel were kind of losing their shit over the approaching Emmy Awards this Sunday. “The two of us are just, every day, ‘What are we going to wear?' ‘What shoes are you going to wear?' ‘What are you going to wear on top?' ‘What are you going to wear on bottom?' ‘How are you going to do your hair, makeup, nails?' ” he said. “The first episode is going to be a mess. [People are going to be like,] ‘What kind of acting is that?' Because we're not present, we're thinking about what we're going to wear.”

Seriously, stop it. If you wanted us to root for you on Sunday, you succeeded. Check out all the nominees, and tune in Sunday night for Crushable's coverage of the Emmys!

Photo: Daniel Tanner/WENN.com