For Scarlett Johansson’s Sake, We Hope Her New Tattoo Is Fake

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Scarlett Johansson new tattoo photos horseshoe "Lucky You" Fuzi Uvtpk Paris fake

When we found this photo of Scarlett Johansson lifting up her shirt to show off her newest ink, we immediately assumed it was fake. She looked a little younger than usual, and her new tattoo just looked bad. Like, if you're a celebrity, shouldn't you be able to do better than something that looks like your buddy drew it on during math class, with off-kilter wording and weird stippling? However, further research reveals that it's legit: She got inked by tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk during his residency at Le Salon in Paris.

Look, I get marking yourself up after a bad breakup and why Scarlett might want to do so after dumping normal guy Nate Naylor and watching ex-husband Ryan Reynolds go down the aisle again. Hell, when my boyfriend dumped me six months ago I got five piercings in my face/ears, and it's not like he got married to Blake Lively or anything. But couldn't Scarlett have gone for a tattoo that doesn't look like she got ripped off?

As it turns out, Fuzi's art is supposed to look bad. His website explains his signature “ignorant style”: “a style that is instantly recognizable for its ironic twist and self-confident assertion.” If you say so… Here are the two hanging out at his studio:

Scarlett Johansson new tattoo photos horseshoe "Lucky You" Fuzi Uvtpk Paris fake

As for the meaning? Some of Fuzi's other designs include the word “lucky,” but I can't help but think that it had a personal meaning for ScarJo. Like, she's trying to tell everyone that she's OK even though her ex is remarried, that she has plenty going for her and you shouldn't feel sorry for her. And she's doing that by lifting up her shirt and showing off her great body. Yeah, that works.

This is not Scarlett's first questionable tattoo: She has a bracelet with “I [heart] NY” inked on her wrist, and a weirdly colorful sunset on her forearm. Say what you will, but it's clear that the girl loves eclectic body art.

Photos: Fuzi Uvtpk via The World's Best Ever