I Hope Scarlett Johansson Has More Self-Respect Than To Date Lindsay Lohan’s Leftovers

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Scarlett Johansson dating Domingo Zapata Lindsay Lohan leftovers sloppy seconds Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively wedding Nate Naylor breakupWith the news that Scarlett Johansson broke up with her normal-guy boyfriend Nate Naylor within a month of her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds getting remarried, it's no surprise that tabloids want ScarJo to find happiness. But we've got to take any reports that she's got a new guy with a grain of salt.

Take, for instance, Star magazine's assertion (via Celeb Dirty Laundry) that Scarlett is now dating artist Domingo Zapata. His unnamed friends have been telling Star that Scarlett is “regularly staying” at his penthouse apartment in New York City's Bowery Hotel, and that “he's crazy about her.” (I truly think this is the most overrused quote in tabloids.)

Disregarding the fact that Hurricane Sandy has wiped out the power in downtown Manhattan, I just can't see Scarlett going for this guy. The major drawback, of course, is that he's been romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan. The two seem to have been friends since at least February; he's often been spotted in the background of her post-car-crash paparazzi photos.

Celebrity affiliation aside, Zapata is one of about 200 living artists whose work sells for six figures. But, wait—a lot of that work is of celebrity subjects. Like when he took a bunch of Polaroids of LiLo and scrawled Biblical quotes on them to envision her as the Virgin Mary:

Domingo Zapata dating Scarlett Johansson Lindsay Lohan artwork Polaroids $100,000

Or when he used Sofia Vergara‘s body as a canvas. Obviously he's talented if he has a dedicated following, but it sounds like he also makes bad personal-life choices, like dating Lindsay Lohan.

And as much as we all want to see Scarlett “win” her divorce from Ryan and be her own woman, I would hope that she's smart enough to keep him at arm's length. They definitely hang out, since Page Six spotted them chatting at a party shortly before Scarlett's break-up. But I'm relieved to hear Gossip Cop say that “they're friends and not seeing each other” romantically. Sure, it's another anonymous source, but it's one I'm more inclined to believe.

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