Scarlett Johannson Cheers Self Up With Paris Trip, Burlesque, Kieran Culkin

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Scarlett Johannson Cheers Self Up With Paris Trip  Burlesque  Kieran Culkin scarlett jpg

What do you do after some big meanie hacks your phone and puts mildly embarrassing n00dz of you all over the Internet? If you’re Scarlett Johansson, you fly to Paris with Macaulay Culkin‘s little brother, eat pizza, and go to a burlesque club. This is exactly what we would do, if we were her. Well played, ScarJo.

According to The Daily Mail, Scarlett and Kieran Culkin have been spotted canoodling around Paris in a suspiciously sexy way:

The pair were spotted enjoying a romantic stroll in Paris last week, stopping for an intimate dinner at Pizza Rino on the picturesque Champs-Elysées.

At one point, the 26-year-old affectionately wrapped her arm around her companion, 28.

During their time in the city, the pair are also said to have visited Crazy Horse Paris, a well-known burlesque club which features performances by naked women.

Performances by naked women? Isn’t he like, 12? Nothing like corrupting a child to make yourself feel whole again, eh? I know it says up there that he’s 26 but I so don’t buy it. You see, Kieran is the younger brother of a child star. We will always think of Macaulay Culkin as an adorable kid, even though he’s like 40 and has done it with Mila Kunis. Hence, his little brother must be even younger. That’s just math. Young+younger=Scarlett Johansson is a dirty child molester!

In actuality, though, they’re only two years apart and went to both middle and high school together, so it’s actually not gross at all.  Furthermore, Kieran’s a little cutie. Perhaps the next time her phone is hacked, we’ll get to see more of him.