Scandal’s Fitz Is The Worst President In TV History, And That Stupid House In Vermont Put Me Over The Edge

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Scandal s Fitz Is The Worst President In TV History  And That Stupid House In Vermont Put Me Over The Edge Fitz confused face scndal gifTonight’s the mid-season finale of Scandal. But you probably already knew that. You’re probably already sitting at home on your couch, chewing your wrists up in anticipation for tonight’s big show. But before we get there, we have to talk about Fitz. And I’ll be honest with you, it’s not going to be a good talk. You’re not going to leave this one feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. No, this talk’s going to change the way you watch the entire show. And/or fuel any “impeach Fitz” thoughts that might already be brewing in your heard. So here goes…

Ever since we first met Fitz, we’ve been told that he’s the bestest president ever. He deserves to be in that office. In fact he deserves it so badly that a morally sound person like Olivia Pope helped get him in the office by rigging the election. Yeah, remember Defiance? Back before this show turned into a spy thriller about mommy issues, it was about politics. But that’s a rant for another time. (Ya’ll just let me know when you’re ready for it.)

Despite being told again and again by everyone that America prospers because Fitz is in office, I’m not buying it. In the past I certainly rented it. “Sure,” I thought, “there must be things he does that we don’t see that makes all this elaborate and often ridiculous behind-the-scenes drama necessary.” But now, after the first half of this season. I’m done pretending like he’s at all good at this job.

For fuck’s sake, the guy built his mistress a house in Vermont. Do you even know how many problems there are with that? Yes? No? Either way I’m about to list them out for you.

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