It’s Adorable How Excited The Cast Of Scandal Is About Attending A Real White House Event

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tumblr_n50mumAPL31qk07iqo1_r1_250The annual White House Correspondents' Dinner happened last night, and if your invitation got “lost in the mail” like mind did, have no fear.  Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, it's like you were there in social media spirit.  My favorite part of the evening wasn't the part where President Obama threw out zingers to the turds at Fox News or even seeing Lupita N'yongo (blaspheme! I know).  The best part of all of the pics and tweets was seeing how adorably excited and, dare I say, geeked out the entire cast of Scandal was over attending a real life White House event.  Notably absent: Columbus Short.  Because criminals are forbidden from this event (except those turds from Fox News… heyyoooooo!)

Scott Foley, Jeff Perry, Dan Bucatinksy, Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz, Bellamy Young, and Tony Goldwyn each were snapped in various photos looking as gleeful as young tykes on Christmas morn.  Katie Lowes (Quinn) even tweeted earlier this week about how this was her first visit to D.C., like, ever.  I had to remember that OPA, B613, and THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, DAMN IT are pure fiction of Shondaland's imagination and that these folks are regular humans who are just as adorably excited to be in attendance as anyone would be.

Since this is, clearly, the pièce de résistance of yesterday's events, I was going to save it for last.  But I can't because OMG it's my favorite non-Ellen celebrity selfie ever.

I guess I can get over the fact that Jake is attending sans Olivia, since Kerry Washington just very recently gave top secret birth to her baby and all.

Was secretly hoping Bellamy Young would sport a classic/ridiculous Mellie outfit, or at least show up with major case of helmet hair.

Is anyone else as in love with this as I am?  Look, I know Scandal itself is basically now the primetime equivalent of Days of Our Lives full of horrible people, but it's Cyrus and James, people!

Real talk: Tony Goldwyn in real life is sweet and charming and not at all like Fitzgerald Grant.  I know this from reading his Twitter feed avidly and also my dreams.  He's come a long way since playing the bad guy in Ghost.

While I'm sure there are a million fun things that happened at the WHCD last night (Mindy Kaling‘s Instagram is always fun), I just couldn't get over how cute the Scandal cast was.  Now it's back to being charmed by baby sloth videos and kitten memes.  Good day.

(Lead GIF: Tumblr)