20 of Scandal‘s Most Scandalous and Shocking Moments

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Scandal certainly lives up to it's name by being a political drama full of twists and turns. We follow Olivia Pope, the Washinton D.C. fixer with very close ties to The White House and the oval office. D.C. proves to be a dirty town with affairs, murders, lies, and cover-ups to make your head dizzy in the best possible way. It's always so exciting!

The 7th and final season of Scandal just premiered and knowing that all of these epic scandalous moments were coming to an end has us feeling all types nostalgic. This Shonda Rhimes creation is smart, entertaining, and is going out on top.

There have been so many scandalous and shocking moments, we couldn't even begin to go over them all, but we tried. Grab the largest glass of wine you can find, fill it to the top with a red, and remember 20 of Scandal‘s most ~scandalous~ moments.

1. Olivia and Fitz are Having an Affair


Ok, yes, basically the whole show revolves around this affair in some way or the other, but we didn't know about it until the end of the pilot episode. Cyrus walked in on Olivia and Fitz getting hot and heavy in the oval. Isn't that scandalous? Sure is! How did this start? How long has this been going on? Does anyone know? So many questions right off the bat!