The Scandal Bloopers Are The Only Thing That Might Make You Like The Show Again

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Scandal Olivia on the phone with Fitz GIFI'm sure I can't be the only person who's had to stop watching Scandal because it became too ridiculous and there was no one left to root for. But if there's one thing that could pull me back into this world of drama, intrigue, and white hats…it's the show's blooper reel.

I mean honestly, if there's any cure for a show taking itself so seriously that they call Fitz the best president ever even though he's just a glorified Justin Bieber, it's gotta be the entire cast laughing at themselves. Everybody takes this soap opera so seriously all the time that it's a relief to see them finally break character and cop to some of the nonsense they're saying.

The show's creator Shonda Rimes went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to share the reel, but I have to warn you that before you get to the hilarious goodness inside, you have to go through a very weird interaction with Shonda, Jimmy, and Scott Foley, who very handsomely plays Jake Ballard on the show. I don't know if they didn't rehearse it or what, but beyond pouring supersize glasses of red wine while they sit on Olivia's real, on-set couch, they didn't have much else to do. It's a very odd package, and super awkward.

But then finally we get to the bloopery-nougat inside, and are regaled with just about five minutes of shake weights, people getting pied, and a lot of tongues being stuck out. Which is apparently a thing on set.

Obviously your crush on Kerry Washington will be intensified by watching this, but is it just me, or did this make Joshua Malina into an actual likable character as well? Weird. Oh and I have bad news for Tony Goldwyn — I'll never be able to take you seriously in anything ever again after this role. Even when Tony the actor was flubbing his lines, I was thinking, “UGH I CAN'T BELIEVE WE HAVE SUCH A STUPID PRESIDENT.” Can't tell if that's worse for me or for you.

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