19 Unforgettable Saved By the Bell Episodes

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Let's be honest, every Saved By the Bell episode is unforgettable if you grew up in the '90s. The formula was so simple: figure out a way to get Zack Morris in trouble and figure out a way to get Zack Morris out of trouble. It's the stuff in between that matters because the lengths Zack goes to get out of trouble takes more effort than simply owning up for his mistakes. The guy has no chill, which is why every episode is television masterpiece, cheese and all.

This simple-yet-entertaining formula is what got me hooked on the show. I spent most of my childhood obsessing over the gang, collecting the terribly written book companions, playing the board game and forcing my Zack Morris doll to date my poor Barbies with DIY mullet cuts. Like any nostalgic artifact, there are certain episodes that stick out best in my mind. This is in no way a best-of list, rather a list of episodes so out there, so drilled into my brain that there's a good chance when I'm old and remember little else, I'll be able to recall a full summary of each of these episodes.