In An Attempt To Be More Like A Celebrity, Savannah Guthrie Has A Secret Wedding And A Surprise Pregnancy

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Savannah Guthrie wedding photo March 2014

Savannah Guthrie of the Today show has apparently picked up a lot of tips from the celebrities she interviews on a daily basis, because not only did she have a secret wedding over the weekend, but she also already has a baby on the way. That's like such a celebrity thing to do. If I had a dollar for every secret shotgun wedding that happened in Hollywood, I'd be as rich as the celebrities having those secret shotgun weddings. Looks like someone's looking to make “rushing through cooking segments early in the morning” a celebrifying job. Or she just happened to get pregnant before the nuptials and wanted a private ceremony. Whatever.

Savannah announced the news on the show this morning. She married her fiancé Mike Feldman on Saturday near her hometown of Tucson, Arizona. She said it was “in the middle of the desert,” so I guess she really did want it to fly under the radar. They got engaged last May after four years together. During the wedding reception, Savannah announced that she's also four months pregnant with her first child, which she's expecting late this summer. Let's just hope Savannah's learned a few things about pregnancy since she interviewed Beyonce last year during the pregnancy rumors and declared maybe she was “30 seconds pregnant.” I'm sure Jessica Simpson can explain it to her.

Savannah's co-anchors were present at the wedding and managed to refrain from posting photos until the news was public. That includes Al Roker, who posted the above photo to his Twitter early this morning of Savannah wearing her Monique Lhuillier gown. Congratulations, Savannah. Thankfully now that you're pregnant I'll have another physical marker to know that you are not Natalie Morales. Seriously, though, am I the only one who has a problem telling them apart? It's like Russian roulette every time I try to identify which one of them it is.

(Photo: Twitter)