The Season Premiere Of Saturday Night Live Was So ‘Meh’ Even Tina Fey Couldn’t Save It

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Tine Fey SNL 9.28.13

Perhaps we should just cut to the chase – the season premiere of Saturday Night Live wasn't great.  I don't know about you guys, but I feel like such a fool.  Ever since I found out Tina Fey was hosting the premiere, I've been counting down the days until she graced my television screen once more (even though, as she said herself, she's on television at least once every three weeks).  Between that and the introduction of six new cast members, I was sure last night's premiere would be a hit.

Nope!  I don't know who to blame.  Certainly not Tina, because that goes against the careful grain of adoration I've been cultivating for her for years.  So I'll blame the material. Because even if she was having an “off” night, it wasn't exactly enthralling stuff.  Sure there were some moments I laughed out loud, but for the most part the entire show felt like an hour and a half of “almost but not quite.”  I'm pretty sure I even cringed a few times.  That being said, there were a few memorable sketches:

1. Cold Open: Obamacare
This would have been a decent open sans the Jesse Pinkman/Aaron Paul cameo, but it was even better with it.  The characters in this sketch embody every piece of chain email your grandma sends you, as well as every Facebook status you love to hate from people you went to high school with.

2. Tina Fey's Monologue
Halfway through the season, this monologue's mediocrity may have gone unnoticed.  But since it served no other purpose than to introduce the new cast members, that timing wouldn't make sense.  Definitely not strong enough for a season premiere with Tina Fey as host, but seeing newbies dance around in gold spandex was amusing.

3. GIRLS promo

I get what this sketch was trying to accomplish, and it definitely made HBO's GIRLS and Lena Dunham look exactly as ridiculous as they really are.  Can we please talk about Vanessa Bayer's “Shoshanna” and her cinnamon bun hair?  Amaze.

4. E-Meth
The “electronic cigarette” trend takes on a new twist: electronic meth.  Yes, e-cigarette smokers, this is what you look like to the rest of us.  I usually always love SNL‘s commercial parodies, and this was no exception.  Kate McKinnon smoking e-meth upside-down in a tire?  Um, yes please.

5. Weekend Update
Tinay Fey “passed the baton” to fellow lady anchor, Cecily Strong.  I'm excited to see how she'll do as the season goes on.  I really enjoy everything she does on this show.  I am also a huge fan of Drunk Uncle, but I hope they don't overuse him to save the show when it's floundering.  I don't even watch Breaking Bad (I KNOW, I KNOW) and I loved the second Aaron Paul cameo here, too.

I don't want to count this season out before it's even begun, because even I hate being super negative about things.  I guess I was just hoping for more since I'm in need of a good Tina Fey fix – which I will undoubtedly get if she and Amy host the Golden Globes again.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the newbies bring to the table, too.  It can only go up from here!

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