SNL: So It Turns Out Louis CK Is Kind Of A Dick

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I really really wanted to like Louis CK as the host on Saturday Night Live last night, guys. I really really did. I think he's a super talented guy, and his stand-up makes me laugh audibly on the regular, which is pretty rare for me. Plus the musical guest was Fun., and they had two weeks to prepare since they were on hiatus last week, so it was pretty much the most excited I've ever been for an episode. And don't get me wrong, I actually liked most of his material on last night's show. But just…well, you'll see. Follow me on this journey.

His monologue was easily my favorite one of the season so far — they wisely didn't mess around with any of the singing and dancing nonsense they've been so fond of this season, and just let Louie do stand-up. He told a story of helping an old lady in an airport and I looooved it. It was perfect, he wasn't trying too hard, he was just relaxed and hilarious.

Equally genius was the ‘Lincoln' sketch, modeled after his show Louie, but as if he was Abraham Lincoln, right down to reproducing the opening video where he comes out of the subway and eats a slice of pizza over the garbage can. It was a great sketch — loved the idea, loved the follow-through. Yes yes yes. I was a happy little lady.

He also had a brief bit in another sketch with Kate McKinnon and Bill Hader with some atrocious Australian accents, but my main beef was with the sketch ‘Mountain Pass'. The sketch itself was weirdly void of humor — to the point that I actually went to Google to see if there was some explanation based on the hurricane, like maybe they wrote it last minute because they didn't have power or something. But regardless, even though the sketch wasn't great, Louie was terrible in it. He wouldn't commit to the scene — when he couldn't synch up the horn sound with his motion of blowing the horn, he just gave up and mugged oddly for the audience like he didn't care. At another point, he could remember his line (and couldn't read it on the cue cards, I guess?), and he actually said the words “uh, the ether something something”. He was looking around at cast members during the scene, and it was super weird and distracting. It was a crappy sketch, but you could see that Louie thought so too, and by acting like he was above it, he really came off as…well, a dick. Sorry about it.

There were two more decent sketches, one called ‘Last Call' where he licked Kate McKinnon's face, and one where he played a hotel clerk opposite Bobby Moynihan outlining strange charges on his bill. They were both decent, but I was kind of over it at that point. I don't know. I get that he's super funny at his own stuff, but I was disappointed he didn't try harder on the sketches he didn't like. Or I at least wish he hadn't shown me which sketches he didn't like, by breaking character and giving up during them. I still love you, Louie, but you were kind of a dick last night. Just saying.

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