SNL: We Can All Agree That Anne Hathaway Is Annoying, Right?

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This is two days in a row now that I'm writing a post about how annoying I find Anne Hathaway, but she hosted Saturday Night Live last night, so it's topical. So shut up and read it. I mean if you want. Here's the deal. I love SNL, but for the show immediately after the election, I was pretty disappointed. The cold opening was at Mitt Romney‘s house on election night, and it had some good moments — like the line “Paul Ryan is doing feats of strength in the drawing room” and the fact that Mitt has to drink dairy in secret and can't tell the differences between his sons — but all in all it fell kind of flat. Bobby Moynihan played Karl Rove, but they didn't let him have a meltdown or anything, so it was kind of a waste.

Anne's monologue mostly consisted of her being precious and humbly marveling at how exciting and famous her life is and then smoothly transitioning into…yes, singing. Come on, guys. No more singing for the rest of the season. Please? Please. All Anne had to do was make awkward quirky facial expressions while the rest of the cast sang around her, and join in for one Les Miserables-inspired verse. She was coasting! Don't let her coast, you guys! Stop carrying the hosts!

They also used her for probably the best sketch of the night, ‘Girlfriends Talk Show'. She was fine and overact-y, whatever. I don't care. What I did care about was Aidy Bryant finally getting a chance to do some stuff! I already know I'm obsessed with Cecily Strong, the other cast member in this sketch, but Aidy really got out there and I was so happy!

Miss Hathaway also did a spotty Claire Danes imitation, playing Carrie Mathison, from Homeland. Again, not offensive, but just overact-y and…too much. I always want to tell her to calm down. She also did a mindless ‘American Gothic' sketch with Jason Sudeikis where the two of them did silly poses dressed as the man and woman from the famous painting. How weird and whacky! I'd like to think that someone funnier could've made it a good sketch, but as it was, I wasn't into it.

But most of my favorite things didn't involve Anne at all. How innnnnteresting. For example, Mokiki. Listen, I'm crazy and my brain is weird, but I loved this fuckng sketch. I don't know why. Even Anne Hathaway couldn't ruin it for me. It's just Taran Killam dressed as some Hawaiian homeless dude with a topknot, going around the city and doing the Sloppy Swish. I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with it. And props to Kenan Thompson for making me like him again, too.

I have to say, Weekend Update has been pretty outstanding all season. Jay Pharoah is honing his excellent Barack Obama imitation, and you know I love me some Seth Meyers. Plus this week Bobby returned as Drunk Uncle, talking about the fallout from the election and being your drunk uncle.

And finally, that old reliable — the fake commercial. This week was for Flaritin, a medication you can take to back up your fake allergies that you don't have, to anything from rice to meat, from squirrel dander to Italians.

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