Video: The Anne Hathaway As Katie Holmes Sketch You Won’t Find On Hulu

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Harrumph. I'm not happy about this, but I have to actually give Anne Hathaway some props. When I was writing up my recap today, I forgot about the Ellen DeGeneres sketch she did with my girl Kate McKinnon last night on SNL, because it wasn't on Hulu. But I've been seeing video for it in other places, so I figured I should address it. So. Deep breath. Anne Hathaway actually did a really good job. There, I said it, okay?!? She played Katie Holmes being interviewed on Ellen, and really has the side mouth thing and the high pitched voice down pat. So, yes, in front of all of you as witnesses, I will say that I was very impressed with Anne in that sketch, and blah blah blah good job Precious Princess. It doesn't mean I like you any better in real life. My irrationality on that subject still lives on.

But here's who I don't have a problem complimenting — Kate McKinnon. As I've made extremely clear, she's my favorite person on SNL right now, and her Ellen impression is a big ‘ol part of that. Once she's in the vest and jeans and tie, and she's got that short blond wig on, I can almost mistake her for the lady herself. But she doesn't stop the impression there. She's dancing around, doing the same vocal stuff, and scooting around in her chair while the guest is talking. She picks up on all the little details that you don't realize are hilarious until you see someone else do them. Can you tell I'm obsessed?

But anyway. Good job both ladies, you're both great and I like you exactly the same except one of you more.