Saturday Night Live: I Think I’m In Love With Kate McKinnon

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I'm still on the fence about this season of Saturday Night Live, but last night's episode, hosted by Daniel Craig with musical guest Muse, did manage to make me clear on one thing: I'm in love with Kate McKinnon. Kate joined the cast in April of this year, and she. Is. Killing it. It's perfect right now because she's still new enough that they're not overusing her like they did Kristen Wiig, so her appearances are like delicious little nuggets of bacon in the still mildly bland carbonara pasta that is this season of SNL.


Since the host was James Bond himself, there was a segment of lesser-known Bond Girls like Diane Keaton, Penny Marshall, Molly Ringwald, Lea Michelle, and Jodie Foster and Ellen DeGeneres, both of whom were played by my new lady love. Not only is she excellent at impressions, but she doesn't break and laugh at herself, so I give her massive props.

She also played Theresa Caputo who can talk to spirits from Long Island Medium, and did a great job representing how ridiculous that show is. And wonderful. (This is off-topic, but I could watch that show for hours, I think it's genius. Don't judge me.) Her problem is that all the people on Long Island tend to have shared experiences, so when she finds out that the ghost is named Sal, short for Salvatore, and choked to death on a meatball parm, she still needs to get more specific.

And my favorite clip of the night, one that had my physically laughing out loud, was Kate playing Cecilia Gimenez, the Spanish woman who restored that painting of Jesus. She described him coming to her in a dream and giving her permission to restore the painting with his true likeness including his “big monkey face” and his broken arm in its cast like a “jelly roll scroll”. Honestly it's been a long time since anything on SNL has made me laugh this hard, and it was entirely thanks to Kate's delivery. She's hilarious, I love her, now I'm gonna go watch it again.

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