17 of the Best Saturday Night Live Hosts in the Show’s History

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Saturday Night Live has been making people laugh for over 40 years and in that time it's had a lot of hosts. The show's very first host was comedian George Carlin and from there, a rich comedy tradition was born. Throughout the years, comedians, actors, sports stars, and politicians have all hosted the show, adding new layers to what it means to be a SNL host.

Naturally, with so many hosts that have tried their hand, there have been some that just weren't cut out for live sketch TV. Whether they are reading excessively from cue cards or just get too drunk to go on, there's a long line of incompetent SNL hosts. But then there are the all-stars. The upper echelon of hosts that kill it every damn time. Some of them have hosted so much they may as well be cast members, and some get it so right their very first time. Keep reading for the best hosts in SNL history!