In Today’s Adorable News, Sasha Obama Gives Her Father Important Instructions During His Acceptance Speech

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As a child-celebrity-enthusiast, I'm constantly shuffling around where all the child celebrities fall in my rankings. They move up and down every single day and it's hard to predict who will be my favorite from one week to the next.

However Malia Obama and Sasha Obama took a major jump up this week and landed right at the top. Not only are they so grown up (the comparison photos from 2008 to 2012 make me tear up), but they've grown up  into incredibly chic young women who seem unfazed by their father being president.

In short, I now love them.

So this video of Sasha Obama telling her father, President Barack Obama, to “look behind you” during his 2012 presidential acceptance speech makes me feel so absolutely wonderful inside. Despite the fact that her father just made history, Sasha Obama doesn't hesitate to boss him around.

That's the kind of confidence I like to see in a young woman as she's on the verge of becoming a teenager. If only she would go out with Kiernan Shipka and Maude Apatow, my life would be complete.

(Photo: The Gloss)