Sarah Silverman Didn’t Mean To Name Michael Sheen’s Penis, It Just Sort Of Happened

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Sarah Silverman Didn t Mean to Name Michael Sheen s Penis  It Just Sort of Happened Sarah Silverman Stephen Colbert October 2015 jpg

Last night Stephen Colbert interviewed Sarah Silverman on The Late Show. He asked about her boyfriend Michael Sheen, and she revealed that they’re still going strong while wearing the most adoring, lovey-dovey expression. She explained the interesting dynamic between them, admitting, “He classes me up, but I also pull him down.” As an example, she talked about the time she publicly named his penis something ridiculous without really meaning to. You know, exactly the kind of stuff most couples deal with.

You might remember a post on Crushable earlier this year listing funny names celebrities have given to their body parts. It included an entry about Michael Sheen naming his penis “The Great Christine Baranski.” That was based on this tweet Sarah posted in March:

However, Sarah claims that this isn’t really true. She just said it to be funny and didn’t expect it to take off like it did:

“I wrote a funny tweet about ‘my boyfriend,’ but I wasn’t thinking people would assume that I was talking about him.”

I kind of get what Sarah’s saying, even though it sounds like the opposite of logic. She thought it would be funny if a guy named his penis “The Great Christine Baranski,” and she needed a vessel for the joke. So I guess she was referring more to a hypothetical boyfriend than her actual boyfriend. Unfortunately, when you’re a famous person who tweets that your boyfriend named his penis something silly, people are going to assume you’re referring to the person you’re dating, who also happens to be famous.

Of course, this Colbert interview could all just be an elaborate scheme to cover up the fact that Michael really did name his penis that, but he didn’t want it to get out. #Conspiracy