Sarah Silverman Shares Some LOL-Worthy Thoughts While Playing In Jimmy Fallon’s Desk Fort

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Sarah Silverman Jimmy Fallon 11-22-13

Sarah Silverman has been making her rounds promoting her new HBO stand-up special, first by making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show and demonstrating that it can be absolutely delightful to watch two people who used to date humorously interact with one another. Last night, Sarah was a guest on the other Jimmy's show (my favorite of the two Jimmys, if you must know) and things took a slightly different turn there.

What to do when the power “suddenly” goes out and you still have a show to do?  Why, play in Jimmy Fallon‘s “desk fort”, of course!  Complete with Christmas lights and Totino's pizza rolls, Jimmy's fort provided the perfect setting to ask Sarah Silverman some rando questions that only Sarah Silverman can answer in her perfect Sarah way.

I made the grave mistake of sipping my cup of coffee right before Jimmy asked her how far she'd go with Ryan Gosling.  Grave.  Mistake.  Even though I'm a fan of Sarah and her comedy, so I shouldn't have expected anything less, let's just say it's still early and my ivory fleece is now sitting in my large laundry pile next to the washing machine.  If you're a fan of hers like I am, her return to stand-up comedy special, We Are Miracles, airs tonight on HBO at 10 p.m.