Sarah Silverman Goes On Jimmy Kimmel And It’s Delightfully Awkward To See Them Back Together

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Jimmy Kimmel Sarah Silverman reunion

While it seems like just yesterday that Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel created their amazing “I'm Fucking Matt Damon” hit, it's actually been years. Five to be exact-ish. The couple broke up shortly after making that video and went their separate ways. While they've been photographed together since their break-up, Sarah's never returned to  Jimmy Kimmel LiveFor obvious that-would-be-weird reasons.

But that at all changed last night when Sarah came on to promote her new HBO stand-up special that's airing on November 23rd. (Which, sidenote, should be amazing. ) Even though the ex-couple obviously planned out a sketch before Sarah came on, it's still so delightfully awkward to see them interacting with each other. After all, they did date for several years and then break up. And Jimmy did get married in the time since they've broken up.

Soooo yeah, celebrities are just like us. Except when they awkwardly run into their ex-boyfriends, it's planned by a publicist who likely pushes them on stage and advises them to “just act normal.” Which we all know is universal code for turn into a robot incapable of having a conversation. Or am I the only person who runs into people I used to date and suddenly loses my ability to speak English. “Hello. You. Person. LOL. Dated did we. Naked seen you. Mature adults now, handle this I did.”

Either way, enjoy watching them interact with each other. The best part? They both are mature adults about it so there aren't any second-hand-cringies. You know second-hand-cringies right? They're that feeling you get when you witness people embarrasses themselves. But like I said, this interview is second-hand-cringy free!