Sarah Silverman’s Abortion Joke Proves She’s Still Awesome

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While I don't always find the comedian Sarah Silverman funny, I always respect her for saying what she thinks and standing up for her beliefs. Yesterday she tweeted out a “before and after  abortion photo” of herself with the caption,”Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.”

She obviously did not really get an abortion and those photos are obviously not really before and after an abortion, but she makes a point about this ongoing republican war on women with one tweet. One simple tweet that gets right to the point. Everyday our rights as women are being taken away by increasingly scary state legislation that restricts our reproductive choices.

While the war on women's certainly getting media attention, it's not getting enough considering just how the big the impact will be on the American public. More celebrities need to stand up, say something (or tweet something) and draw attention to what's happening in this country. It's important enough to risk losing some fans to make a difference and use their celebrity powers for good.

This isn't the first time Sarah Silverman's done just that. In the last election she created a funny video about convincing your Jewish grandparents to vote for Obama.

Here's to hoping more female celebrities are brave enough follow her lead and speak up for what's right.